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ELTECH’s Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system nullifies the unpredictable behavior of power supply and serves uninterrupted power supply without fluctuation. Thus avoiding heavy losses caused due to failure of vital systems like communication, data centers, process control, electro-medical and electro-mechanical process equipment and many others.

ELTECH’S UPS Systems uses SPWM technology that ensures smooth and regulated power supply essential for critical applications. Our UPS system has effective screening and ideally designed filters ensuring the output being free from EMI/RFI providing safety to the critical loads.
The very high energy conversion efficiency of our UPS System enables users to conserve the precious Energy. The ELTECH UPS systems are rated for its FULL OUTPUT capacity meant for its continuous duty. ELTECH protects the sensitive installations from surges, sags, black-outs, brownouts and power failure with following features:



ELTECH UPS System can be used with all types of electrical and electronic machineries at hospitals, banks, process industry, scientific labs, electro-mechanical machineries, chemical and pharmaceutical units, communication equipment, data centers and many more.

Standard Technical Features

Double conversion topology – All Eltech series industrial UPS systems are double conversion type; its galvanic isolation ensures no spike or surge in the output.
High frequency PWM based inverter – Conversion of DC to pure AC is achieved with high frequency PWM based inverter using IGBT. Auto trickle monitoring technique is employed in its floating cum boost charger section.
Parallel Redundancy for power safety and reliability – ELTECH specialises in the manufacturing of dual redundant parallel load sharing type UPS systems and multiple redundant (N+1 configuration) systems to suit highly critical applications.
Auto Transfer static switch – ELTECH UPS systems have load transfer feature in case of high current drawn from the load helping loads to keep in live state always. The UPS goes to bypass on sensing overload condition.
Built in isolation transformer – By generating dedicated ground, built in isolation transformer make sure to maintain pure and noise free output for the critical loads.
High Efficiency – As employed with highly efficient conversion technology ELTECH enables user to conserve the precious energy with high efficiency of >95%.


TINY Series 3 KVA to 10 KVA Single & Three Phase
UNiTE Series 15 KVA to 40 KVA Three Phase
EverX Series 50 KVA to 200 KVA Three Phase
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